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Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets are inexpensive and user friendly. Also, these tablets are very popular and millions of the users in the world are availing the service of the Kindle fire. Amazon has its own app store that it conveniently calls Amazon app store and there are hundreds of thousands of apps & games for our Kindle Fire. However, fire tablets don’t come with the Google Play app. But, as the Fire Tablet runs fire OS, which is based on Android, so you can install Google Play on Kindle fire to exponentially increase the number of apps you have access to.  It’s not an arduous process, and you can easily install Google play on Kindle Fire.

Through Google play store you can gain access to every Android app, including Gmail, Hangouts, Google Maps, Chrome, and over many apps in Google Play. This process varies slightly depends on the version of the tablet. Here you will get to know how to install Google play on Kindle fire.

Install Google play on Kindle Fire:

How to install Google play on Kindle Fire

To install Google play there are two methods for doing this: one that involves installing a few APK files on your tablet, and the other one that involves running a script from a Windows PC. If you run into the trouble with one, then follow another one to start the Google play.

1.       Go to settings:

Just on Fire tablet and swipe down from the top of the screen and tap on the setting. Then click Security & Privacy. Now under advanced, enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” and follow instructions. By enabling this will allow you to access the APK files to install Google Play Store.

2.       Open web browser:

Now open the web browser on Kindle and download these files on a tablet:

·         Google account Manager APK

·         Google Services Framework APK

·         Google Play services APK instead.

·         Google Play Store APK.

3.     Download APK files:

Start downloading these files and if security warning pop-up, then tap ok to start the download. To avoid confusion install these files in the same order. Now when you tap on the first one, a pop–up should ask to continue or not with a warning. Press “OK” to continue and repeat this process for the others. Finish this process by installing files, also always tap done, and not open after each install completes.

4.       Google play app store is ready:

Now, once you’re done, restart your Kindle fire. You can see the Google Play Store icon on your home screen. Now, if you’re starting Google play for the first time then start your Google play store through the process of signing in to your account. Now, you can search and download the apps just as you want. You can update Google Play Services with a single tap if it requires.

Install Google play on an older Kindle fire:

If you have an older Amazon tablet or you want to install Google Play on Kindle fire then all you need is a Windows PC and a USB cable like the one included with your tablet. Follow these steps to install Google Play on Kindle Fire.

1.       On your Kindle fire tablet and then go to settings, then Device options.

2.       Select the serial number field, until Developer options appear.

3.       Now, choose the Developer option.

4.       Select Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and you may get a pop up while asking to proceed. Also, your Windows should detect it properly and download the necessary drivers.

5.       Next step is to connect your Kindle Fire to your computer with USB. After that, Your PC will detect your device and download the drivers it needs.

6.       Choose “OK” to allow USB debugging.

NOTE:  If the option doesn’t pop up automatically, then install the appropriate drivers manually before you can proceed.

7.       Open your computer’s browser and start downloading the installer app for Google Play. Download these files for Google Play app:

·         For Fire OS 5.3.0 or older, download Amazon-Fire-5th-

·         For Fire OS 5.3.1 or later, download

8.       Extract the .zip file and double-click on 1-Install-Play-Store.bat file to get start it.

9.       Now, press “Enter” to have the tool install the Google Play store Kindle Fire tablet.

10.    After few minutes, you’ll see a message on the window when it’s done.

11.    In the end, reboot your tablet and an icon will be there on your screen.

12.   Now, to install Google play on Kindle Fire is done and you can use it on your Kindle Fire.

Author: John Miles

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