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Nowadays, Alexa app has gained tremendous popularity due to its exceptional features. Alexa works just like any smart Digital voice Assistant and can do many things for you such as play your favorite music, provides you the latest weather news updates, turn off-on lights and fans, control your smart home devices, and many more. With thousands of skills, Alexa gets smarter and automates the various kinds of tasks that you perform regularly at your house and saves your time.

 Now the question is How to install Amazon Alexa? Here you will get your answer in very easy steps. Amazon Alexa is a mastermind behind the Amazon devices like echo, echo dot, echo plus, etc. that controls all the functions and tasks given to the echo device by its users. The key here is that Alexa responds to voice commands, from operating lights and door locks to security cameras and even certain kitchen appliances.

 For, How to install Amazon Alexa is free and easy and can Install the app on a smartphone or tablet with Android 5.0 or higher, fire OS 3.0 or higher, and ios 9.0 or higher. Also, you can install the app on windows 10, 7.  Read on the step by step process for How to install Amazon Alexa carefully.

 Go to the app store :

  1. To install Amazon Alexa, you need to visit your app store or Microsoft store or Amazon. Then search for the Amazon Alexa app and check the latest version.
  2. Install the Amazon Alexa app: Download the latest version of Amazon Alexa and once you are finished with download, you can launch the app.
  3. Sign in the app with Amazon account: If you are done with the download  of the Alexa app, then you have to sign with Amazon Account with its username and Password. You can also create the Amazon account if you don’t have it.
  4. Follow the guidelines: Further, follow on-screen guidelines prompting on the screen to complete the process of Installation.
  5. Connect with Wi-Fi:  Now, you can connect Alexa app with your echo device by connecting with the Wi-Fi connection available at your home. You can tap on the + icon in the top right corner of the screen to add a device.
  6. Start Alexa app: Now, Amazon Alexa app has installed and ready to use. Talk to Alexa by saying the word “Wake” to alert the device. You can also change the “wake word” and set up the word according to your wish.

 Now, so quickly How to install Amazon Alexa process has been completed. You can connect the app with your Echo devices and also third-party devices those are available at your home.  Amazon Alexa app is the most important or significant aspect of any Echo device that completes the majority of tasks through your commands. Now, here’s a breakdown of just a few of things Alexa can do:  

 With Amazon Alexa app you can do call and send messages to your family and friends by giving commands.

  1. Alexa app can easily play music, video, provide news update, create to-do list and you can add functions when you want.
  2. Alexa provides you different features that call as skills and you can set new features through Amazon’s Alexa skills store.
  3. You can also ask all web-based queries to Alexa and play games.
  4. Alexa app, work as an intercom between echo speakers at your home.

Alexa App Set Up

 Alexa is a voice-controlled Amazon assistant that lets you speak your wishes and turns words into action through the Echo system. Alexa is an Amazon’s virtual assistant AI technology that can help, create a customizable living experience while connecting other household devices to its central system. The back end engine for Amazon’s Alexa runs on Amazon web series in the cloud, allow Alexa to learn your voice commands to perform specific tasks. It is the brain behind the devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show and other devices. Alexa gets its name from the library of Alexandria, which makes an effort to collect all of the world’s knowledge. But really How does alexa work? Alexa activated by saying “wake word” that alerts the service to start, listen to your voice and uses natural language interpretation to process and act upon requests. For example: Say the wake word and hello, your Alexa will respond to you with a simple “Hello” in revert back. Connect your WiFi with echo system to connect and command to Alexa. You can connect your WiFi Network and see How does alexa work in a very simple and easy way:

  1. Open your WiFi settings of the phone and connect with Amazon named network.
  2. Return back to the Alexa app, different networks will appear on your phone.
  3. Connect with your home Wi-Fi network to connect your echo device.
  4. Now say and command your Alexa.

Amazon has built-in smarts, Alexa, to do a number of tasks like add reminders & alarms, playing music, asking about news, weather, sports, and more. For example: If I say “Alexa, what’s the weather?” she will calmly tell me that it is too damn hot in Washington”. By selecting the hamburger menu (top-left) you can add the skills and number of tasks that you want. Amazon has designed the Alexa Voice Services, It recognizes the word and starts recording your voice and follows with the word “Alexa”. When you will be finished with speaking, it sends this recording over the Internet to Amazon. Here How does alexa work by listening to your voice commands and get these services to perform the tasks. Here is some list you can ask Alexa:

  1. “Alexa”, Open YouTube.
  2. “Alexa”, play songs.
  3. “Alexa”, play motivational quotes.
  4. “Alexa”, how is the weather.
  5. “Alexa”, Interview me.
  6. “Alexa”, Open recipe for pasta.
  7. “Alexa”, Open Vocabulary.

With the thousands of available skills section of the app can let you do things like order a ride from Uber, Food & Drink, Music & Audio, Travel & Transportation, hear tweets from your Twitter timeline, order a pizza from Dominos, and plenty more.These commands that Alexa interprets is very easy: if you ask for the time, the Alexa Voice Services revert back an audio file of Alexa telling you the time, which The echo plays back. As well as being available on Echo devices from Amazon directly, Alexa also supports third-party- devices like TVs or speakers as well as through the Alexa app on phones.Alexa-powered devices can do a wide number of things, driven by app-like abilities called “skills” they can use and control by installing the Alexa app. It is slightly better than all other virtual assistants and extremely popular nowadays. With so many features and potential, it offers users the ability to dictate commands to the assistant to control products throughout their home, listen to music, and more while keeping your hands free. Alexa App set up is hasty and takes a few time to install the Alexa app, follow the simple steps for Alexa App set up :

1. Install the Alexa app:

Install the Alexa app free from the app store. It will work on any smartphone or tablet with Android 5.0 or higher, fire OS 3.0 or higher, and ios 9.0 or higher. Open up the app store, search the Alexa app, and start downloading the app.

2. Add the device to set up:

Once the installation is done, you can set up your device by sign in the app with your Amazon account user-id & password, click the hamburger menu (top-left) and then add a device. Here you can see all instructions on your Alexa app screen, follow these commands and instructions to complete the Alexa app setup. Now, press the Amazon echo, then on the screen, different echo devices will pop-up, accordingly choose your device.

Note: Don’t use Amazon prime account for Alexa App set up .

3. Set up the Echo:

This is probably the easiest step, simply plug the power adapter directly into an echo, and hook it up to a power outlet. The echo’s light will flash blue and then wait for it to turn orange for set up mode. Once the blue light ring has turned orange, then Alexa will perk up and tell you the device is ready to set up.

4. Connect your Echo app with Wi-Fi:

First, close the Alexa app, and open your phone’s Wi-Fi settings, click on Amazon- named network. Second, return to the Alexa app to continue the Alexa app set up, different networks will appear on your phone. Select your home Wi-Fi network to connect with your echo device.

Once you set up an Amazon device at home, you can save the Wi-Fi password. Wi-Fi password-saving works to connect to smart home devices or set up a new Alexa device.

5. Talk to Alexa:

Now, initially talk to Alexa by saying the word “Wake” to alert the device. For example: Say the wake word and hello, your Alexa will respond to you with a simple “Hello” in return. You can also change the wake word anytime through your device.

After connecting the devices you can give instructions to Alexa, manage your alarms, music, shopping lists with the free Alexa app. Also, connect your Alexa with smart home devices or external speakers.

Once your Alexa App set up is done you can use your Alexa in your day to day things. You can issue commands like “Alexa play music” and Alexa will spin up with the music playlist that you have created. Although playing music through a speaker is the least futuristic use of the Alexa. You can ask a query from Alexa on a broad range of topics and she’ll either give you a direct response or if the inquiry is not part of her database.

Author: John Miles

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