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What is Chromecast

Chromecast is a streaming media player from Google that lets you project content from your tablet, computer, or smartphone by using a feature called “Screencasting”. With chrome cast app download, you can “cast” videos, photos, or music with the tap of a button, right to the biggest screen and best speakers in the home. Chromecast is the name of a device and application that must be purchased before streaming, through the application. The Chromecast app is your one-stop-shop for exploring what you can do with Chromecast and It’s easy to figure out, set up, and use. Google came out with the first Chromecast in2013, then updated version of Chromecast in 2015 with Chromecast 2 and then with Chromecast third-gen, in 2018. If you haven’t purchased Chromecast yet then after reading this you will definitely consider purchasing to make your daily experience better.

How to use the Chromecast app:

With Chrome cast, app download helps you to enjoy your shows by streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Google Play Music, and more on a bigger screen. We can take an example of a show on Netflix; If you are watching your show on Netflix through your android phone and you want to play your show on a bigger screen then you no need to worry, with the help of Chromecast setup, you can watch it on your TV with a bigger screen and can use your phone as a remote control to rewind, pause or turn up the volume.  Also,

·         You can send a YouTube video on your phone to a TV.

·         You can find more Cast-enabled apps to watch, listen to, and play on your TV.

·         You can do voice search to find content by movie, TV show, or actor.

·         You can customize your TV screen with beautiful imagery.

·         Also, control and change volume across all your Chromecast devices and many others.

Chrome cast app download:

You can download Chromecast app on your android, with the Android 5.0 or higher and iOS 11.0 and higher. Also, the Chrome cast app download supports to your computer or laptop. To set up this process all you need is your android phone and your Chromecast device. Okay, before proceeding further, all we need is to plug in your Chromecast app into your TV’s HDMI port and a power source. Follow these steps for Chrome cast app download.

1.       For, Chrome cast app download on your android phone, firstly, go to Google Play store.

2.       Then download Google home Android app from Google Play Store.

3.       Once the app has been downloaded, then open the app & accept the terms.

4.       Sign in to your Google account, then follow the instructions.

5.       Now, the main page will show up after the initial set up is complete.

6.       Now click, “Add”, then select on “set up devices”.

7.       If you see your chrome cast appear, then “Set up new devices”.

8.       Then, confirm your Google account and use your Chromecast.

9.       Now, allow the app to use location services, and select “OK”.

10.   Then the app will start scanning your plugged in Chromecast device when it shows up on your screen and select “Next”.

Steps for the whole set up:

Now the Chrome cast app download for android has been completed, to process the whole set up all you need is to follow these steps.

1.       The TV should show a four-digit code, to confirm the Chromecast is connected to your app. When it does, select “Yes.”

2.       Then, it will ask to send device stats and crash reports to Google and select “Yes” I’m in,” if you want to or “No thanks” if you don’t.

3.       Next, you will be given a list of rooms where your Chromecast is located or create your own name by tapping on “Add custom room” and typing out the room name.

4.        Now, you will be asked to choose a Wi-Fi network for your Chromecast. Once your streaming device is connected to your WiFi, you can start screencasting. Also, you can go through a short tutorial.

5.       Your Chromecast might get some updates.

6.       In the end, that’s all there is to set up your Chromecast and now, you can enjoy your chrome cast with an Android phone.

Now, you can cast videos and music to your Chromecast in two ways. You can cast it from your mobile device and you can cast it on your computer from chrome.  Although casting from your desktop, the function has its uses, perhaps the mobile casting experience is far more polished and certainly a source of the Chromecast’s popularity.