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Alexa on your desktop or laptop works much the same way it does on your Echo smart speakers and you don’t need to buy an Echo device to experience the benefits of having Amazon’s voice assistant at your command. Here you come with a question, how it could be possible? Yes, it’s possible for your computer. Firstly we need to download Alexa app on my computer. Download Amazon Alexa App for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 PC, Laptop and other Windows computers from Microsoft store as well as the Alexa web app.

Let Alexa help you set reminders, timers, create shopping, to-do lists, alarms, and keep track of your calendar and appointments.

Features of Alexa app on computer:

· Entertainment
· Smart Home
· Provide the latest news updates
· Check the calendar
· Set alarms and reminders
· Manage your daily shopping list and many more

Alexa app for Windows don’t support:

· Videos
· Calls
· Spotify
· And Pandora

Nowadays, Windows 10 desktop or laptop comes with a built-in microphone and the Alexa app. Amazon notes that the experience of using Alexa on a PC isn’t too different compared to using it on other platforms like Mac, Android phones, and others.

The Amazon Alexa wizard will be included within Cortana (Microsoft’s virtual assistant), so it will be on Windows and we can find it on some HP, Lenovo, and Acer computers. Now we will guide you through the process to download Alexa app on my computer.

Download Alexa app on my computer:

  1. Click on the Microsoft store:
    Firstly go to the Microsoft store. You can search it in your Windows.

2. Search Alexa:
Now open Microsoft and type Alexa, the results will appear.

  1. Select the Alexa app:
    Now you can see the Alexa app icon, its free app with an icon looks like a dark blue speech bubble on a light blue circle on a dark blue background.
  2. Download Alexa app on my computer:
    Now click on the Download Alexa app on my computer, and wait for the app to finish downloading.
  3. Launch the app:

Now once the Alexa app has been downloaded then Launch the app.

  1. Set up Amazon Alexa:
    Now start your Alexa app with selecting set up Amazon Alexa.
  2. Sign in the app:
    If you’re an existing Amazon user type in your username and password and click on Sign-In or if you do not then click on Create your Amazon account.Sign in with Amazon credentials.
  3. Accept the terms & conditions:
    Click on the continue, and follow them on screen guidance. After selecting continue, Alexa will ask you to access the microphone, Press “yes” to confirm.
  4. Select the on-screen options:
    Choose the options between hands-free or push-to-talk modes. While in Hands-free mode all you have to do is say, “Alexa” to give a voice command. Although with the Push-to talk mode requires you to click on an Alexa icon in the app to give a voice command.
  5. Now finish the setup:

Now Finish the process after choosing the options and you can also allow app sounds or pin the app to the taskbar. Once the set up is done, now you can start your Alexa by clicking the Start button. The process to download Alexa app on my computer is finished, enjoy your Alexa without the Echo device.

How to use Echo Dot on PC:

  1. For Echo dot set up firstly, open chrome or browser, then type in browser.
  2. Start log in with Amazon credentials.
  3. Now when you Log in, a button will show up ‘begin set-up’, click on that button.
  4. Choose down your Echo device model and Select the language for your Echo.
  5. Now, press the continue on the next page and the Wi-Fi search will start in your Echo.
  6. Now open your Echo device and plug in your Echo device with a power adopter, into the wall.
  7. Now, rotating blue light on the ring on Alexa will automatically change into the orange light.
  8. Now, hold action button and your Echo will let you know that it’s in the installation mode.
  9. Go back to your computer, and select continue.
  10. Now open your Wi-Fi settings and check the name of your device listed in the Wi-Fi device list and connect it.
  11. Once you are connected, then go back to your “Alexa the app” and press the ‘Continue’ button for scanning the Wi-Fi network.
  12. Choose and select the Wireless network to whom you are going to link your Echo devise.
  13. Now, preparing your device’ will appear on the top of the screen.
  14. Once it’s finished, your echo will reply to you “the device is ready” and the orange ring light rotation will disappear.