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Amazon has introduced with Alexa app for Windows to make everyday life more convenient, by connecting to your other Amazon smart devices, and putting full control on your smart home at your disposal. Nowadays, you can download alexa app for Mac, iPhone, Windows 10, Android phones, Windows 7, etc. and connect it with your Echo device very easily. However, Amazon alexa for windows can be accessed without using Echo speakers and other devices that generally, stay in the home. You can Download Alexa app for windows on PCs offered by way of HP, Lenovo, and Acer.

Amazon Alexa is capable of using voice commands to control its actions like, create to-do lists provide you the latest news updates, check the calendar,  set alarms, and reminders, manage your daily shopping list, control your all smart the home device, and many more. However, to have full access on your Windows, you can purchase an Echo device that links everything together and acts as the central point for your smart home.

Here’s how to Download alexa app for windows and computer for free, by going through a simple and useful sequence of instructions and commands.

  1. Download alexa app for windows :

You can download the Alexa app for windows through Microsoft store or Amazon or Google Play. In some PC it’s already installed, and called as “Alexa built-in PC”. Start your Microsoft store app available in your taskbar. Go to search bar and type Alexa app, the results will appear.

Now, tap on install and wait until your system is downloading the Alexa App.

Note, download the latest version of the Alexa app.

Download alexa app for windows

  1. Sign in the App:

After downloading the app, you can click on the launch. Once your app has been installed, now sign in the app by Amazon account’s login ID & Password and follow the on-screen guidelines properly to set-up the app.

Note, If you don’t have Amazon account, you can also download the account but don’t use Amazon Prime account.

  1. Accept the terms & conditions:

At this point, you will see the terms and conditions on your Alexa app screen. Accept the ‘terms & conditions’ carefully and proceed.  Then, you will see the “talk to your Alexa” screen on your Windows, tap the ” Continue” button.

A dialogue box will appear. The app will ask for permission to let Alexa allow your microphone”. Click on the “Yes” button and allow it to access your Windows PC’s microphone. Also, choose a hands-free mode or by clicking a button on the next screen.

  1. Complete the Process:

Here, you can see the “Configure Alexa on PC” settings. Now, you can choose to launch the Alexa and enable the options like allow app sound and pin app in the taskbar according to your need and tap on the ”Finish Setup” option.

Now, you can also set the Alexa app to your taskbar.

Hence, Download alexa app for windows is completed and is ready to work on your voice commands. Now, you can use it to do a lot of things, if you want to add capabilities to your Alexa app, then, you will have to go to the home page of your Alexa app. Then, click on the skills option available in the left navigation menu of your Alexa app. Now, you can also connect Alexa with your smart devices, for full access to your home

How does Alexa work?

How does Alexa work

Alexa is a voice-controlled Amazon assistant that lets you speak your wishes and turns words into action through the Echo system. Alexa is an Amazon’s virtual assistant AI technology that can help, create a customizable living experience while connecting other household devices to its central system. The back end engine for Amazon’s Alexa runs on Amazon web series in the cloud, allow Alexa to learn your voice commands to perform specific tasks. It is the brain behind the devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show and other devices. Alexa gets its name from the library of Alexandria, which makes an effort to collect all of the world’s knowledge. But really How does alexa work? Alexa activated by saying “wake word” that alerts the service to start, listen to your voice and uses natural language interpretation to process and act upon requests. For example: Say the wake word and hello, your Alexa will respond to you with a simple “Hello” in revert back. Connect your WiFi with echo system to connect and command to Alexa. You can connect your WiFi Network and see How does alexa work in a very simple and easy way:

  1. Open your WiFi settings of the phone and connect with Amazon named network.
  2. Return back to the Alexa app, different networks will appear on your phone.
  3. Connect with your home Wi-Fi network to connect your echo device.
  4. Now say and command your Alexa.

Amazon has built-in smarts, Alexa, to do a number of tasks like add reminders & alarms, playing music, asking about news, weather, sports, and more. For example: If I say “Alexa, what’s the weather?” she will calmly tell me that it is too damn hot in Washington”. By selecting the hamburger menu (top-left) you can add the skills and number of tasks that you want. Amazon has designed the Alexa Voice Services, It recognizes the word and starts recording your voice and follows with the word “Alexa”. When you will be finished with speaking, it sends this recording over the Internet to Amazon. Here How does alexa work by listening to your voice commands and get these services to perform the tasks. Here is some list you can ask Alexa:

  1. “Alexa”, Open YouTube.
  2. “Alexa”, play songs.
  3. “Alexa”, play motivational quotes.
  4. “Alexa”, how is the weather.
  5. “Alexa”, Interview me.
  6. “Alexa”, Open recipe for pasta.
  7. “Alexa”, Open Vocabulary.

How does Alexa working

With the thousands of available skills section of the app can let you do things like order a ride from Uber, Food & Drink, Music & Audio, Travel & Transportation, hear tweets from your Twitter timeline, order a pizza from Dominos, and plenty more.These commands that Alexa interprets is very easy: if you ask for the time, the Alexa Voice Services revert back an audio file of Alexa telling you the time, which The echo plays back. As well as being available on Echo devices from Amazon directly, Alexa also supports third-party- devices like TVs or speakers as well as through the Alexa app on phones.

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