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Alexa is an Amazon’s virtual assistant AI technology, and with its constantly-improving artificial intelligence capabilities, Alexa ready to obey your every command and perform complex routines to provide information, entertainment, and general assistance to its users. Amazon’s Alexa app set up makes your life simple up to an enormous degree, and with so many features and so much potential, it’s no wonder Amazon’s smart speaker is revered among smart home adopters and audiophiles. It’s the name of the virtual assistant inside your Echo, and the brain behind the devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show and other devices.

It’s no wonder Amazon’s Alexa app has gained tremendous popularity due to its exceptional features and is one of the most popular and powerful personal assistants of Amazon that will make your life easier to perform any task with your Android smartphone. It can do many things for you consistently like:

  • Playing Music
  • Create a Shopping List
  • Get news update
  • Control smart-home gadgets
  • Lock the doors
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Set your alerts and updates and many more.

You no need to worry to do Alexa app set up, below we’ve assembled a step-by-step guide so you can see exactly quickly do the setup. 

Alexa app Set up:

1.       Download the Alexa app:

Before you even plug your new Echo device into the wall, download the Alexa app free from the app store or you can use your browser. It will work on

  • any smartphone
  • or tablet
  •  or on Android 5.0 or higher, fire OS 3.0 or higher and ios 9.0 or higher.

Go to the app store, then search for the Alexa app and hit the install button.

2.       Alexa app set up: 

  • Complete the installation and once it’s done, launch the app.
  • Now, for the Alexa app set up, sign in with the Amazon account user-id & password.
  • Hence, follow these commands and instructions to finish and end the Alexa app setup.
  • Now, you’ll need to add the device to the Alexa app to start using it.
  • After that, your Amazon Alexa app set up is completed.

Note: If you haven’t installed the Amazon app, you can download it.

3.       Add your Device:

 Now, you’ll need to add the device to the Alexa app to start using it;

  • Open the Alexa app, on your phone.
  • Then, choose Devices and tap the plus sign in the top right corner. 
  • Now, tap Add Device>Amazon Echo> and choose the name of the device you’re using.

4.       Set Up the Echo:

You’ll need to decide which room you’d like to keep your Echo in, and this is probably the easiest step.

  •  Place your Echo Dot in a central location then Plug in your Echo Dot using the included power adapter, and hook it up to power.
  • The echo’s light will flash blue and then automatically it will turn to orange for setting up mode, and once the blue light ring has turned orange, your device is in Setup Mode, it will show that Alexa welcomes you.

5.       Connect your Echo device with Wi-Fi: 

  • Now, wait for your Echo to appear on your phone and select it. 
  • Then, you’ll be prompted to go to your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Once there, click on Amazon- named network.
  • Then, return to the Alexa app, to continue Alexa set up. 
  • After that, different networks will appear on your phone.
  • In the end, choose the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect your Echo Dot.
  • Once you set up an Amazon device at home, then save the Wi-Fi password to connect with smart home devices or set up a new Alexa device, now your Echo will say “your Echo is ready.”

6.       Talk to Alexa: 

Now, you’ve set up your Echo Dot! Initially talk to Alexa by speaking the word “Wake” to alert the device and then speak naturally to Alexa. Also, through the Alexa app, you can change the wake word anytime.

After connecting the devices you can give guidance to Alexa,

  • You can manage your alarms.
  • Play music
  • Create shopping lists
  • Make To-Do list
  • Make phone calls

With the free Alexa app, the echo enables you to connect with smart home devices or external speakers.

Skills to Download:

If you’re looking to provide Alexa with remarkable new skills, then you need to first download these skills. Here we will supervise you through some steps:

1.       Amazon Storytime: One for those with kids, use your Alexa with reading your preferred bedtime story.

2.       Spotify:  Once your Alexa app set up is done, then Request music with your voice. Now, access podcasts and execute them via your Alexa speaker.

3.       Ambient Sounds: Listen and fall asleep with the sound of the sea/forest/New York City roads for the background.

4.       To-do List: Perform your daily agenda, add items to your to-do list, and get a readout of everything.

5.       Xbox: Play games and record your times.